About Us

How Opal Dreams came to be

Opal Dreams was founded by the mother-daughter team, Tania and Tandie back in 2012. Tandie has always been a creative, drawing, painting, and creating things with her hands since she was 3. After completing her business degree at Texas State in 2017, she decided to go back to school to pursue her degree in Metal Smithing. She learned how to create jewelry out of sterling silver, gold, and genuine stones. She creates her works using metal fabrication, lost wax casting, and enamel work. She also helps her mom curate unique pieces of art from vintage collectors and other one of a kind jewelers to be displayed at the many art events she does throughout the year.

When it comes to her work, she strives for originality and authenticity. She often finds herself inspired by the natural world- sometimes using real pieces of nature cast in silver for her jewelry. Her connection with nature is her purest reminder that we all came from the earth, unique in our own ways. 

When it comes to her business, she strives to use ethically mined natural stones when she can, and sources lab-created stones only when no ethical options are available. She designs pieces with both beauty and social consciousness in mind.

So with every collection, she gives back to non-profit organizations including Austin Justice Coalition, The Underground Railroad Project, and Austin Pets Alive, and SAFE Austin. 

Her jewelry is original and empowering - works of art meant to be worn and cherished by all, With inclusive sizing in both masculine and feminine styles. She offers an array of sizes because she believes that beauty does not come in one size, and can resize pieces to fit you. Opal Dreams Jewelry is meant to be as one-of-a-kind as you, because you deserve to stand out from the crowd and be uniquely you.