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Mandala Tiger Eye Ring size 7.5

Mandala Tiger Eye Ring size 7.5

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This piece was created one day in the studio when I decided to experiment a little bit with my bezel wire. I laid it out on the piece in a circle and to my surprise was able to use it as a mandala like decor around the tigers eye.

This piece to me represents the calm I used to feel back when I drew these mandalas in my notebooks. Something about the symmetry and the patterns has always been intriguing to me.

Tiger eye has always been close to my heart, it’s a stone from South Africa, where I was born. It’s brown and golden hues play with the light as you move the stone back and forth.

As always, we can resize these pieces, but please allow up to two weeks added on if we do. It will be an extra charge of $20 to size up or down.

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